Virtual Switchboard

Switchboard in real lifeBack when I was in highschool, during some physics lessons we worked with ‘systeemborden‘ (Dutch for ‘system boards‘ or ’switchboards’). It was to learn basic logic gates. They were boards with component on them which you could wire, to make a system. For instance, you could connect a button to a led, which made that when you pressed the button, the led would turn on. You could also instead connect the button to an AND-component, along with a sound-sensor (microphone) and connect the output of the AND-port to the led. That way the led would show light when a sound is made and the button is pushed. There are a lot of other and more complex combinations possible with a lot more different components too. I thought to virtualize it in HTML5 and JavaScript. Have look and play with the switchboard I made (the source code is free and not obfuscated).

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