World sunlight map

This is an implementation using vectors. It is discussed in the article 'Math behind a world sunlight map' published at A form to render maps using custom dates and times is provided below. Also links are included to the source code of the files needed to run this example application yourself.

Set a custom date (format: yyyy-mm-dd):

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World sunlight map implementation using vectors by
Sources: this file | map.php | sphere.class.php | vec3.class.php
Images(Source: Nasa): night_live.png | day_live.png | night.png | day.png

Also countermeasures are installed to limit cpu load to eDesign visitors only. You can see how this is done by viewing nodeeplink.php. If you want this sunlight map on your site there are two options: 1) download and install the php scripts yourself, or 2) do deeplink to this image, but this will result in a cached image (which is not guaranteed up to date).

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The map

World sunlight map by
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