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Avoid becoming a spam source

The number one rule in programming is not to trust external data, especially not user data. One of the reasons not to trust user data is the threat of hackers searching for injection possibilities. When you start develloping web applications you’ll soon learn the dangers of SQL injection. This might be the most important form of injection, but by far it is not the only one out there: cross site scripting is another good example. If your application sends out mail, you might want to make sure you sanitize user input as well as the application could be a magnet for spammers who’ll send spam mail using your IP. Read the rest of this entry »

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Decoration aid

When it comes to designing websites choosing what colors to use is one of the first steps. Nowadays online applications often let users personalize the look and feel of the site by offering a way to customize the colors the website wears. JavaScript and HTML can be used effectively to this end. A problem is arising for component developers using JavaScript: what framework to use? There is MooTools, ProtoType, YUI library, jQuery, etc, etc… This is the reason I developed a standalone color picker. It also works with every JavaScript framework, as it does not depend on one or interferes with one. It is one single .js file, no extra images, css, javascript or whatsoever.

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